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BNI Members have access to professional training sessions and a series of business growth publications.

As well as our regular meetings, we offer training events to help members improve their business skills – whether it’s about giving presentations, networking and building business relationships, developing referral strategies or simply getting more out of BNI.

Member Success Training (monthly regional events)
This workshop will help to get you started in BNI or act as a useful refresher for getting the most out of your membership.

Presenting for profit (in house event)
Improve your presentation and personal communication skills to maximise the business you get from your Chapter. We help you to get the most out of the sixty second presentation opportunity you get at every BNI meeting – and that will help you get your message across every time you talk to anyone about your business.

Givers Gain: the art of successful referrals (in house event)
This workshop will help you to prompt your fellow Chapter members to bring you more serious business and give you ideas about generating new business for your fellow Chapter members.

Chapter Development (in house event)
Members generally receive most of their referrals from people in their own group or ‘Chapter’ – the people they know, and who know them, the best. Research also shows Chapters with 40 members receive twice as many referrals as Chapters with 30 members. Come to this workshop to learn how growing your Chapter goes hand in hand with growing your business.  

Building Relationships (in house event)
Carrying our regular One to One's with fellow members is an essential part of developing your networking and building your success within BNI.  However, these One to One's need to be productive, have a purpose and enable all participants to come away with actions.

This masterclass really digs into the purpose and desired outcomes of holding one to one's; how to really get to know your fellow members; how and what to prepare beforehand and how to create those actions that should result in more business for everyone

Networking know-how (regional events coming soon)
How much business do you generate from your networking skills? Could you improve your effectiveness when walking into a room full of members and visitors, or a room full of strangers? What are your goals for a networking session? This is a two hour workshop which offers coaching in behavioural, communication and personal interaction skills to increase your profits.  

Download the chapter (in house) booking form here